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Piers, Docks, Bulkheads, Boat Lifts, Cargo Lifts & Decks

Are you Planning to Build a Pier, Boat Lift, Cargo Lift, Deck or Bulkhead along the Texas Gulf Coast?

Pier Building & Planning Process:

Pier construction starts with you having an idea of the length and width of your new pier and the size of the T-head. Upon making that decision it's documented and sent to the Texas General Land Office so the pier permitting process can be started. The pier permitting process can take a couple of months, so the earlier you start on it, the sooner your new pier or deck construction can start.

Once you receive the building permit for the pier, bulkhead or deck, it is time to contact the pier and deck building experts; D&P Coastal Marine Construction. We are proud to offer Free estimates on your new pier construction job. We will usually have the estimate on your new pier or deck ready for you in less than a 24 hours. Once you are happy with the pier or deck estimate, we will come out and meet with you, and answer any questions you might have on the new construction of your pier or deck. Next, we will physically visit the location of the proposed pier or deck and take measurements at the pier site for the walkway, T-heads, and deck height of your new pier, bulkhead, or deck.

cargo lifts installer

Now installing Cargo Lifts

1000lb/750lb Capacity Lift Design

Easy To Use

Optional Safety Gate

Safe And Stable Design

Cost Effective Price Point

Your Choice Of Aluminum Mesh, Clear Plastic Or Baluster Sides

Multiple Cables For Added Security

Slack Cable Brake

Marine Grade Construction

Fast Lift And Fall Cycle

Pier construction company in Texas

Pier Building, Construction and Repair:

At D&P Coast Marine Construction we pride ourselves on professional, thorough, and prompt construction of piers, docks and bulkheads. Using the latest Pier and Deck technology and top notch pile drivers we ensure that the pilings we set for your pier or dock will never pull up. We build straight and beautiful decks and piers using only the best materials and hardware. Our experience and specialized equipment enable us to complete any pier or deck building project, no matter how small or large. At D&P Coastal Marine Construction, we are committed to constructing sturdy piers, bulkheads, and decks that will catch anyone's eye and to enhance your water-side enjoyment and maximize your property value.

Expert new pier installation can be provided for homeowners who want a rebuild or first time construction.

Consider the following about your new pier:

How will the new pier or deck be used?

Age of the people that will be utilizing the pier or deck?

Choice of materials to be used on your pier or deck?

Do I need any options on the my new pier or deck?

Our homeowner/clients will enjoy the personal touch we provide through the entire planning, design, and construction process of your new pier, deck, dock or bulkhead. We discuss in detail with our clients the primary uses of your new pier or deck (Boating, fishing, boat storage, kayaking, etc.) and the materials options (timber or composite) that are available. There are many options that can be added to a new pier or deck also (step-downs , fish cleaning stations, benches, covers, railing, etc.) to increase the use of your new pier or deck. We will help design a wonderful structure that will bring your family enjoyment for years to come.

Pier construction company in Texas

Pier or Bulkhead Maintenance and Repair:

We can maintain, and/or repair your pier, deck, dock or bulkhead also. Many Piers, Bulkheads, and decks fall into disrepair before their time because of neglect. You can save thousands on future new pier, bulkhead or deck construction by getting on a maintenance program we provide to insure the longevity of your pier, bulkhead, or deck for years to come.

Maintenance and Repair Examples include:

Removal or repair of bad deck/stringers/cross braces on your pier or deck.

Visual inspection of you pier or deck for potential rotten post or rusted out nails.

Piers & Decks Construction Contractor along the Texas Gulf Coast

About D&P Coastal Marine Construction

In 2004 D&P Home and Garden started business in El Campo, TX. we stared doing home repair and remodeling. After a couple years we started in the fishing pier and bulkhead business and that is where we’ve found our calling. Since then we’ve been building piers, bulkheads, and decks on the local Texas Gulf Coast region mostly in Matagorda, Calhoun, and Jackson County. We also work in the surrounding counties, building on small ponds/lakes.

In 2009 D&P Home and Garden changed to our new business name - D&P Coastal Marine Construction to truly reflect what we do. We are truly a family owned and operated business. My wife and I, and our two sons work side by side every day to ensure everything runs smoothly, and that our customers receive great service and treatment. Our employees have become an extended family.

We have a close bond and a relationship at this company that makes everyone feel personally involved in every pier or deck project. It’s not just D&P Coastal Marine Construction's name on the sign, it’s the pride and satisfaction that everyone shares at D&P Coastal Marine Construction when a “Dream Pier, Bulkhead or Deck Project” is finished and our customer is beaming ear to ear with joy. I personally guarantee that every pier and deck project will turn out just as you expected and you will receive the finest construction services available anywhere.

Dray and Penny Acuna with D&P Coastal Marine Construction in El Campo Texas

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